Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set Review

When it comes to cabinet dartboards, the very first collection that pops up in mind is the Barrington collection. Today, we have also reviewed a dartboard cabinet named Barrington collection bristle dartboard Woodhaven with LEDs. Barrington collection dartboards are one of the best cabinet sets out there which dozens of our friends played with Including us.


Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard:

The Woodhaven Barrington dartboard is perfect for walls keeping in mind the protection of the wall. No matter at what dart skill level you’re. The dartboard is perfect for playing professional games and beginner games. Thrilled to let you know that you only need to buy this dartboard, you don’t need to buy an additional playing kit because all the darting accessories are included in this package. Let’s jump into its main key points below

  • The fully equipped dartboard set is suitable for playing recreational games and professional games.
  • You don’t need to buy additional equipment, You will get 6 steel tip darts, additionally 6 dart flights with 1 score marker for writing on the scoreboard.
  • The longevity of the dartboard is tremendous. Woodhaven dartboard is designed with premium A-grade material that offers a premium feel and denser surface than other bristle dartboards.
  • The dartboard cabinet set comes in the original size that is approved by professional players. The exact size is 17.75 inches and the weight is 27.55 pounds. The bullseye is totally staple-free. The number wiring system is thin yet durable made with steel.
  • Your playing experience will touch the sky limits because you will get the 3 LED lighting above the scoreboard.

Aesthetically, the board looks professional and crafted with woodwork enhancing the experience of playing with suitability at your home or guest house lounge. From wood quality to its spare playing kit, the board provides aesthetics. With the passage of time in your regular use, if the dartboard is out of date and you feel it’s not worth playing more on it. Then it can be changed out with ease.

  • LED Lighting Scoreboard
  • Comes with 6 Steel-tip Darts
  • Good storage capacity
  • Very Durable
  • Little bit heavy

Features of Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set:

Now let’s come to its detailed features:


The dartboard has the ideal dimension of mounting properly on a wall. Whether you want it for your home use to enjoy with your kids or for tournaments with friends in the guest house. The cabinet will fit perfectly on your home’s wall without damaging the wall. The cabinet has the dimension of 41″ L x 24.75″ W x 5″ D having a standard size and weight will keep your wall out of damage.

The cabinet set can be assembled with a cinder block wall with the help of nuts and bolts. Even the bolts and nuts won’t be noticeable if you install them on the top corner of the cabinet and paint them black. If you read the user manual carefully you will end up with the perfect placement of the cabinet with great stability.


The manufacturers named the construction material A-grade sisal fiber. The dartboard is simple yet denser to stick the darts with ease. Barrington is quite sturdy and withstands intense continuous play of darts. The cabinet is also made from high-quality wood that offers a sleek design. Moreover, the dartboard offers incredible durability with self-healing that promises long-lasting aesthetics.


So you’re thinking the cabinet is pricey, but what if the package is equipped with all the basic accessories. You will get 6 steel tip high-quality darts, extra 6 dart flights, and 2 scoreboards for changing them from time to time, and you know what you will get built-in LEDs. Overall the cabinet is fully equipped with elegant accessories with a marker for counting scores. But we don’t suggest using it for the score counting because it won’t be erased with ease. So, you have to buy an additional marker for the purpose.


So you have built a new home and thinking that the cabinet may damage your wall of the lounge? Of course not! Because it protects the wall from damage, it adds handsomeness to your desired room or commercial area. The cabinet has a minimalistic design containing border lines with wood crafting.

In addition, the assembly is also quite easy. Everything you need to know is how to tighten the bolts and nuts with the help of a cinder block wall.

Improved Score System

So we have completed its aesthetics, and now the thing that comes to mind is its score system. How would you achieve your scoring and darting? Well, don’t worry! The sisal fiber completely locks the dart when it hits the board. While the bullseye is also robust because it is staple-free. Not only that but the number wiring is also made with sturdy steel and is thin. So there will be minimum chances of bouncing outs.

Perfect for gifts

Whether you want to give a gift to your friend at his wedding or to your father, the cabinet is a unique gift to give anyone. In simple words, the cabinet is elegant and is a suitable gift from Christmas to Father’s Day.


Are Barrington dartboards good?

Based on the reviews of our friends, Barrington dartboards are one of the best products out there. Their aesthetic design and material are excellent to decorate your home. Also, adding some entertaining activities.

How far away should you be from a dartboard?

We suggest a horizontal distance of 7 to 9 feet if you’re using a steel tip dart and if you’re using a soft tip dart then 8 feet is the ideal distance. Make sure the distances should be counted from the face dartboard to the aiming point, not from the wall.

Wrapping up

Overall, the Barrington Woodhaven dartboard is fabulous to play with. Although it’s not a very pricey product you can easily afford it. Plus, you don’t need to buy additional accessories so it is recommended to buy this one to fulfill your needs. We hope that you liked our review. Thank you!

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