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Buying the best bristle dartboard can become tricky because of too many options available on the market. Even additional variables may have been recognized that might influence your decision till now. In what you view as the best bristle dartboards of 2023, knowledge plays an important part. The better you are, the more you can determine.

The better you are. However, several aspects may not make your dartboard of excellence known if you become a rookie or a beginner of Darts.

We all of course want to play darts with our shirted dartboard, but some players desire more light-hearted entertainment while others are more serious. Other variables such as money, guarantee, or personal preference will also be at stake.


Best Bristle Dartboards 2023:

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick


1- Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dual-Core Bristle Dartboard


  • Highly Durable
  • Dual-Core made with Sisal Fibers
  • Extra-wide scoring area
Viper Stadium Cabinet And Shot King
2- Viper Stadium Cabinet And Shot King


  • Wide-scoring area
  • LED scoring system
  • Affordable Price
Unicorn Eclipse Hd2
3- Unicorn Eclipse Hd2


  • Thin-bullseyes
  • Staple free
  • Best for beginners
Dmi Bandit Staple Free
4- Dmi Bandit Staple Free


  • 10% increased surface area
  • Removable rings
  • Less Dart deflection
Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard with All-New
5- Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard with All-New


  • Triple wheel structure
  • Carbon diffusion darts
  • Long-Lasting
Unicorn Eclipse Pro
6- Unicorn Eclipse Pro


  • Unicorn wiring
  • Very affordable
  • High-level durability
Ignatgames Professional Dartboard
7- Ignatgames Professional Dartboard


  • Come with a darts set
  • Best for professionals
  • Unbeatable endurance

This article shows how you may select the best bristle dartboards for you with a detailed customer guide and evaluations of some of the finest dartboards on the market.

1. Winmau Blade 5 bristle dual-core bristle dartboard – Best Overall

Winmau blades with dual-core are the bristle dartboards that are perfect for professionals. These best bristle dartboards have the special built-in features that professionals and serious players use The fundamentals are not included in the package.

The dartboard has 18 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches in depth. The optimization for playability and longevity is where this dartboard shines. The thin wiring system makes the dartboard spacious so that the playing surface is wider. Also, the shaver wires are designed to assist the dart glide into the dartboard instead of tumbling out.

Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard

Furthermore, the blades have been shortened to this effect by 30 degrees. More room for double and triple regions are also allowed with the thin-sized nail wires; 9mm2 for double and 6mm2 for a triple. What makes the Blade 5 so remarkable is that it has 2 bristle coats that offer increased durability.

Dartboards usually include a coating of bristle which allows the dart to harm the hardwood background over time. The deterioration of the dartboards has been reduced by blade 5. This dartboard is not only suited for serious games and is long-lasting but is also available at a very affordable price.

Upon testing, we found that the dartboard comes with difficult mounting and does not offer any warranty. But as many professionals are using it so you don’t need to worry about these small issues.

  • Durable because of high-quality material
  • Has a dual-core made with sisal fiber 
  • A huge surface area with a reduction of at least 14%, 
  • An extra double area of scoring.
  • An advanced feature of lock and level triple wheel system with a diameter of 18.
  • Staple free dartboards 
  • Does not come with a warranty

2. Viper Stadium Cabinet and Shot King – Best Beginner’s bristle dartboards.

The next addition to bristle dartboards is the Viper Cabinet with Shot King’s Bristle Dartboard. This dart set saves your time by organizing if you plan on using a dartboard case later. The King Shot Dartboard includes the essential dartboard specifications, to begin with. With an 18″ standard diameter and a detachable ring it is staple-free with high-quality bristle fiber construction.

Viper Stadium Cabinet and Shot King

In detail, the dartboard is a strong dartboard constructed of tightly packed sisals and a state-of-the-art cable system that lets the darts glide off the spider. Where this dart set standouts, every accessory is included that you need to set up darts. In addition, it is equipped with six nickel plates, 3 lead lights, and a laser.

Another important feature is the wooden cabinet that not only keeps the dartboard secure but also serves as an erase scoreboard.  This is an incredible dart set that comes at an affordable price with a dry erase marker, steel tip darts, and mounting hardware.

Last but not the least, the viper laser throw/ toe line marker features a focused light that keeps your aim straight to increase the score ratio. But the only drawback we found is the game level. This dartboard can’t go for heavy-duty games and only beginners can make the best use of it.

  • Have a durable safe cabinet with a lock that makes it advanced 
  • Affordable price
  • It is free of staple darts that have a replaceable ring.
  • Consists of material of nickel silver plates along with galvanized wires that are rounded.
  • The laser light during throwing and led lights during playing.
  • Warranty for just one month.

3. Unicorn Eclipse HD2 – Best Budget Bristle Dartboards

Another excellent quality dartboard by a well-respected brand is the Unicord Eclipse HD2. Unicorn is one of the world’s most prestigious dart brands, and Eclipse is proof of its excellence.

Unicorn Eclipse HD2 - Best Budget Bristle Dartboards

This dartboard gains popularity for its affordable price, durable material, and high definition injection-molded numbers Fundamentals are provided with an 18-inch diameter competition playing board.

The dartboard also comes with the finest grade of boards with a decreased rebound. An additional feature of the HD2 is that the ring is not just detachable, it is invisible.

Furthermore, the pad is supplied with plastic numerals which adhere to the board and provide a smooth design of the number. A spider 2 redial cable system is used to extend the play area by 14 percent for the heavy-duty elements.

This implies that you get fewer bounce-outs and hits. The Unicorn Eclipse is one of the greatest dartboards on the market and comes at an affordable cost. but the only drawback you may come across with this dartboard is its poor mounting hardware.

  • Include the ability to increase the surface area during playing.
  • Affordable price
  • Free of staples
  • thin bullseye gives 14% wider area
  • Plastic material

4. DMI Bandit Staple Free – Best Humid Free Bristle Dartboard

DMI is another well-known Darts World trademark, the official Darts World Cup brand since 1999. These are sturdy, decent quality, affordable, and humid-free dartboards. If you go hiking or some recreational places, it can be a great choice as it doesn’t deteriorate in humid climate conditions.

DMI Bandit Staple Free - Best Humid Free Bristle Dartboard

Moreover, the dartboard arena also presents a few distinctive elements. In addition, this dartboard utilizes thin steel strips in the segment dividers rather than dividing spiders.

This leaves hardly anything to deflect darts on impact, eliminating virtually bounce-outs. The standard high-quality features for optimum performance are provided.

This is staple-free and implies lower bounce-out obstacles. More than 10 percent more room is possible in the thin steel bands. The fundamental features are of course typical 18-inch diameter and a detachable dartboard rotating ring. The DMI Bandit gives the bristle darts at a reasonable price and unique innovation. So it is suitable for any serious dart player seeking medium-price quality. 

We also put this dartboard under trial to test the manufacturer’s claims. The dartboard works perfectly but looks a little cheap with bad paint and fade colors. Apart from aesthetics, everything works great for anyone who wants a medium-level bristle dartboard.

  • Diameter of 18 with removable number rings.
  • Playing surface area increased by 10% to above
  • Have staple-free wiring
  • No warranty

5. Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard with All-New – Best Versatile Bristle Dartboards 

To maintain its prestige as the greatest dartboard brand, Winmau included new features and enhancements to its consecutive generations. After the dartboard wire in Blade 4 was lowered to 50 percent, in the single-core version of Blade 5 introduced in 2016 it was reduced by 14 percent. The external deflection lowers down from 90 degrees to 60 degrees because of the triangular cable profile.

Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard with All-New

These modifications are intended to maximize your scoring possibilities by decreasing bounce-outs and expanding the surface area to double and triple to 9mm2 and 6mm2.

In addition, the dartboard is built from high-density sisal fibers that are famous for their extension and tensile strength. This makes them last when you take the dicks off the board by enhancing penetration with darts and quick reattachment. By re-enforcing a steel bullseye ring utilizing carbon diagram technology, the life span of this device is significantly extended.

The lock-and-level triple wheel with adjustable points that support dartboard rotation is used to secure the system properly on any surface including uneven. In this system, several installations are available. furthermore, the manufacturer advises the players to obtain a cork sheet to protect the wall before installing the dartboard.

Unfortunately, because they are not included in the kit, you need to purchase darts individually. the recommended darts for this model are steel tip darts, but you can also use 3/16 inch soft tip darts. Upon testing, we found that the Sisal is not as dense as dual-core. the coherency gets weak after several uses, but as a stater dartboard, it works very well.

  • Include the several options of set up the darts 
  • Durable dartboard with triple wheel structure
  • Carbon diffusion darts with a minimum chance of bouncing out.
  • Does not include darts 

6. Unicorn Eclipse Pro – Best PDC Endorsed Bristle Dartboard

These PDC endorsed bristle dartboards are one of the best bristle dartboards because of their championship quality and thin wiring. It’s a professional model that has no question. Having a thickness of two inches and is intelligently constructed with no staples.

Unicorn Eclipse Pro - Best PDC Endorsed Bristle Dartboard

Some dartboards have staples in place to secure the cables but this might lead to additional rebound when the darts reach the nails and jump out of the board.

Manufacturers say it features a 30 percent thinner intelligent segmentation system than many other choices. The dartboard offers a visual indication of unicorn high technology wiring design, and this technique also stops the darts from bouncing off while hitting metal.

Various players noted that the mounting of some choices like Winmau pro isn’t as straightforward as some of these unicorn dartboards. But that’s not a problem if you plan to attach your dartboard and maintain it at the same spot.

  • PDC endorsed structure with unicorn wiring.
  • Have the thicker wires that help in avoiding the hitting with metal 
  • Available at a very cheap price 
  • Difficult mounting

7. Ignatgames Professional Dartboard – Best Professional Dartboard

The ignatgames professional dartboards are one of the best darts that are used by professionals. This helps eliminates bounce-outs and strengthen your core by up to 15 percent, giving a broader struck area for a fully staples-free sisal dartboard wire system. A modern, ultra-small cable spinner is 65% thinner than the typical spherical cable chamber, reducing bounce-outs and deflections, and making it easier to score.

Ignatgames Professional Dartboard

This professional dartboard is crafted from the finest Kenyan sisal to provide unbeatable endurance. The perfect density allows the darts to easily pierce the skin and heal when removed quickly. To protect each part of a sisal dartboard and increase durability, change the location of the metal ring number.

A durable set of 6 brass steel spike darts, two vegan leather wallets for storing darts, and flies in two colors come with the Bristle Dartboard. Set up the professional IgnatGames dartboard on every wall with a 1-2-3 fitting kit.

There is no additional hardware. You also receive a dart-oche tape for properly installing your professional darts. Take use of this dartboard and improve your lance abilities with the free eBook “35 Play Darts” It features a lot of interesting dart games with several handy scoreboard designs and graphics. Enjoy the full application of the knowledge you gain.

  • Comes with a free ebook
  • Best professional dartboard
  • 65% thin with reduced bounce rate
  • Dart set for two players
  • Hairline cracks texture

Buyer Guide for Best Bristle Dartboards

Knowing some of the key factors in choosing the bristle dartboards can save your time and narrow down your research. before buying a dartboard, you must know your requirements, purpose, budget, and the level of the game you want to play. In the below section we have written a complete detail of these factors.

  1. Skill level:

When it comes to selecting the finest dartboard, you should take a little to think about what you truly want from a dartboard. If your enthusiasm for dart is more than simply a pastime, it’s certainly a good choice. But perhaps you would like to think about where your dartboard would be and get it.

There are basic dartboards with a bristle which may be put out on the wall or electronically marked. Electronically marked Dartboards are excellent for a calm and fun dart game because you will not need to bother about monitoring the score while playing. 

2. Space:

In addition, for instance, if you have enough area in your gaming room, the best answer is not a sophisticated dartboard case. Everything is up to you and, of course, to your requests and opportunities.

Another essential thing to remember when choosing a board is that both soft and steel tip darts can be adapted, which is wonderful and demonstrates once more the versatility of a steel tip dartboard. A bristle is a good choice, but it is up to you to select the best option.

3. Purpose:

Firstly you made a purpose as to why you want to buy bristle dartboards. If you don’t plan to use your dartboard heavily, it might be less significant, such as turning rings or two sisal layers. On the other side, you should be more concerned with aspects that increase the durability and general quality of the board if you are a serious player.

4. Price:

A further element that consumers are looking at is price. Price also means quality. It is occasionally the price of a thing that creates a factor out of the purchaser’s budget. Therefore you cannot afford a dartboard even if it is of high quality. It, therefore, becomes an act of equilibrium between budget or price and dartboard quality. What’s going to be the finest bristle dartboard for you is not only wonderful but inexpensive.

5. Brand:

Another high-quality indicator is the Dartboard brand. Some brands in the world of darts are renowned for being brands of quality. As such, you may choose the best bristle dartboard as your first line of screening. Brands such as Winmau, Nodor, Unicorn, and Target have been recognized as well as the world’s most prominent dart brands.

As a newbie, you may not know about these companies but be sure that all the dartboards on our list belong to the most prestigious brands. Renowned brands are widely renowned for their products with excellent public consensus. Better than one, one who knows nothing is with a well-known brand.

6. Size:

The size relates to the dartboard surface measures. The primary factor is the dartboard surface. This is not a problem with bristle dartboards. All bristle dartboards have the standard 18″ diameter bristle dartboard. Most dartboards also have a set depth or thickness of 1.5 inches. For serious players, this is excellent since you want to play on a professional dartboard.

The ability to play Dart is taught, once you go to a normal control dartboard you’re going to have difficulty playing on a board with various measurements. So starting on the correct path is preferable.

7. Cables and wiring

The cabling system is one of the most essential aspects when picking the finest dartboard. This fact was throughout the years changed for a better quality board by several Darts producers. The cable system has a double problem. Previous boards had very thick spiders that are the metal that splits the dartboard numbers.

These thick spiders have become a hindrance to the darts, as dart bounce and fall when hit. Throughout the years, manufacturers have tried to reduce the rebound outputs through reduced cable size. For this purpose, several procedures are called, as this is a major element to consider.


Bristle dartboards are a great way to have quality time with your friends and family. The best bristle dartboard is meant to have quality, low price, wide area, thin wiring, and beautiful aesthetics. to summarize, we recommend top bristle dartboards in the following categories.

  1. Best overall: Winmau Blade 5 bristle dual-core hits the spot among the bristle boards because of its ease of use, and tournament player’s features. 
  2. Best runner-up: Viper stadium cabinet and shot king comes at runner ups position for its easy-to-use system for beginners.
  3. Best budget: Unicorn Eclipse HD2 is the most affordable bristle dartboard with a low price, free mounting hardware, and many other accessories. 
Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Can bristle dartboards self-heal?

Yes, the bristle dartboards are the self-healing dartboards, and when the dart is hitting they leave no scar on darts. These are made from sisal fibers.

Can we say that bristle dartboards are the best?

Due to their high-quality setup and durability bristle dartboards are the best. These have features that protect the darts from bouncing out so you can enjoy the game comfortably 

How you can maintain the bristle darts?

Few points help maintain, you should have to remove the holes marks daily and avoid the darts from water or any liquid. Set the darts perfectly and check their capacity. If you play indoor games, you a better save your darts from deterioration.

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