Best Dartboard Cabinets

Darts are a popular pastime for many people. Keeping everything on the dartboard and in the playing, area organized is a major challenge for any player. Furthermore, it is not in each player’s wallet to keep track of every player’s tip, shafts, and flights. The best dartboard cabinets are a solution to keep everything organized during the game.

It allows you to keep track of your dart game scores and everything in one location. It’s not only practical, but it’s also attractive and adds flair to a room. If you’re a beginner who frequently misses the target and drops the dart, the dartboard cabinet is for you.


Best Dartboard Cabinets 2023

Dart shooting accuracy is one of the challenges that every new player faces and for the most part dartboard cabinets matter. So, the Best Dartboard Cabinets are necessary if you want to enhance your shooting skills. There are several different varieties of dartboards based on their shape, design, aesthetic, and appearance. Today’s topic is determining which option is best for you based on your requirements.

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard


1- Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard set
  • Made of pine wood
  • Good storing capacity
  • Highly Durable in nature
DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet
2- DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Set
  • Made of Oak Wood
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Affordable
Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet
3- Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet
  • Comes with two unyielding stabilizers
  • Easy to move
  • 180 Days warranty
Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard Cabinet
4- Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Combo Pro
  • Nylon construction
  • Long battery timing
  • Long-lasting
Viper Hudson All-in-One Dart Center
5- Viper Hudson All-in-One Dart Center
  • Has built-in storage
  • Famous for its radiant color
  • Durable and long-lasting.
Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard
6- Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard
  • 100% Nylon Design
  • Easy to fix
  • Contains extra accessories
Arachnid Cricket Maxx 1.0
7- Arachnid Cricket Maxx 1.0
  • Easy mounting option
  • Good dart storage
  • Lightweight
Viper Vault Cabinet
8- Viper Vault Cabinet
  • Made of sisal or bristle fiber
  • Moveable ring
  • Highly durable
Barrington Billiards Webster
9- Barrington Billiards Webster
  • Made with MDF wood
  • Easy to move and hang
  • Self-healing board

We’ll look at the top best dartboard cabinets, as well as their features, pros, and cons.

1. Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard set:

Barrington collection is our first selected best dartboard cabinet. It has many variations along with many styles. These variations incorporate Woodhaven Webster Paxton Chatham and Bellevue. Each one has a diverse style and distinction.

Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard set

The one thing that increases its artistic look is having a top-notch cabinet. On both sides of the dartboard, is a cabinet design. This can be used to store the record and the accessories of the dartboard. The cabinet is designed to make or increase its stylish look.

If we talk about the construction, it is made of some special quality sheet known as pine veneer sheet. This increases the extent of the dartboard cabinet. You would not get fatigued and even the wall will not look over stuffing by style.

Barrington, collection bristle dartboard set comes with accessories including a set of a dart, dartboard or scoreboard eraser, brackets, steel darts, and scoreboard writing markers, and last not certainly least some extra flights as a token of appreciation of their dartboard.

Alongside, the size of the Barrington bristle dartboard is 18 inches with a staple-free bull eye. If you have a large space and want to have some beautiful views then the Barrington collection bristle dartboard is specially designed for these types of requirements. Increasing the size of bull eyes is increasing the area of the bull eye. It will provide you with more chances to do more scores even if you are bigger.

  • Made of pine wood
  • Includes accessories with dart flights
  • Beautiful design door
  • Easy to mount because of the instruction manual.
  • There are two looks to this, one appears when it is closed and another appears while playing.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Hard to get rid of the strong chemical odor.

2. DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Set:

All you need will be fulfilled by the latest design of the DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Set. Its unique style and bull eye design are what fascinate and urge you to buy and play. Furthermore, it fulfills the purpose of keeping all things in one place as Dart Player wants to have all in one dartboard where they can organize the darts, record scores, etc. It comes with a sturdy construction because of the OAK wood it uses in construction.

DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Set

The one notable thing is its color or polishing is eye-catching making it luminous and aesthetically appealing. When you open the cabinet door for playing, the door will be set on the left and right sides of the bull eye which is more pleasing.

Moreover, when you buy DMI sports, it will offer some extra things including, a scoreboard, different types of darts, and last not certainly least cabinets. It is mostly used for official tournaments and matches because of its remarkable quality. Weighing only 22 pounds makes it highly portable and easy to mount a dartboard cabinet set.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • It can easily be hung on the wall.
  • Made of durable OAK Wood.
  • Less maintenance required
  • Replaceable chalk inside of the cabinet.
  • Players complain about low-quality darts

3. Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet:

The Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet boasts a traditional and classic design with brilliant cherry finish color. With the help of a customized dartboard, you don’t need to worry about location changes as you can simply move the dartboard around however you like. It has an easy carry and highly portable design. The bottom of the cabinet has a pattern with a bull’s eye at the top of it. In comparison to other dartboards, the cabinet provides more spare space.

Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet

It’s made of the most commonly found wood in North America whose polished sheen on this wood is unusual. On the surface, there are only two cabinets; however, when the cabinet door on the right side is opened, the cabinet is divided into even more sections. It’s a completely self-contained dartboard and it relieves the stress of locating the right.

There is no need to find a spot on the wall, drill the holes, carry the dartboard, and then place it perfectly in the middle. All you need to do is assemble and you can start playing.

After having the CenterPoint solid wood dartboard cabinet, all you have to do is assemble it according to the instructions and you can start playing. Free darts, board chalk or marker, eraser, and scoring board are all included in the Centerpoint package and it comes with a warranty card for 180 days. This dartboard cabinet won’t disappoint you and you can put full faith in the board’s features. Additionally, it allows you to file genuine complaints and make suggestions as well.

  • Well maintained by two unyielding stabilizers.
  • Easy to mount and move.
  • More spacious to preserve the dart accessories.
  • It is a floor and surface-mounted dartboard.
  • The best quality of darts comes with it.
  • No drilling and wall hole require to fix it.
  • It is difficult to assemble at first.

4. Neptune Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Combo Pro:

If you prefer electronic gadgets to traditional dartboards then Neptune is the best Electronic Dartboard Combo Pro that is ideal for you. It features a one-of-a-kind design and is incorporated right into the cabinet making the mounting and handling easy. The 15.5″ electronic regulator provides vivid effects and after you open the Neptune Electronic Dartboard Cabinet combo pro, everything is ready to play.

Neptune Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Combo Pro

You can easily recharge this dartboard using electricity and it gives you a long battery time. Furthermore, it includes a total of 57 games, including Cricket. It also features a big auto-scoring LCD Cricket Display and an Extended Dar Catch Area.

Alongside, it also allows you to play with up to 16 players or in multiplayer mode. Soft tip darts, a power adapter, an enlarged display, and, last but not least, a huge crystal-clear scoring board are all included in the Viper Neptune Dartboard package. It is constructed entirely of Nylon material.

Neptune is the style, and it’s fully surface mounted. Built-in cabinets not only offer the greatest storage but also occupy the smallest surface area in terms of wall mounting.

  • Made of 100% Nylon.
  • It offers more than 55 games along with 16 players to play.
  • Electronic auto-scoring record LCD.
  • Soft tip darts are also part of its package.
  • Charge required before playing.

5. Viper Hudson All-in-One Dart Center – Best for Small Spaces

The Viper Hudson is an all-in-one dartboard that has a perfect design, you can mount it anywhere. It features built-in storage with superfinishing lines making it one of the best dartboard cabinets available on the market.

Viper Hudson All-in-One Dart Center

The GLD Viper brand is well known for its high-end products and this one has a wonderful color combination design end up with Mahogany Finish. It is made up of commonly found wood of pine wood which is known as the best wood for its durability and long-term furnishing.

The standard style of this cabinet attracts players with eye-catching and aesthetically appealing looks. Furthermore, the viper Hudson all-in-one dart center is brushed with the latest style to look shiny. The cabinet is more than enough to store all the required material for the dartboard.

It is famous for its radiant color, immense storage, and universal mounting bracket. The mounting allows you to do any type of dartboard including electronic, and Barrington.

  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Both in traditional and Classic styles.
  • Smaller and more compact design.
  • Best for small spaces.
  • It comes with the best finishing Brush style, which is not only according to current trends but also traditional.
  • Each dimension is designed to match the preference of each individual.
  • Only available in one color, Mahogany.

6. Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard:

The Fat Cat comes with a solid design, integrated storage cabinet, compact size, and multiplayer capability. It features an electronic dartboard system that allows you to play with more than 8 players or multiplayer. Also, it comes with several soft-tip electronic Darts.

There are not only more than 35 games embedded in it but also 180 scoring options. High-tech LED auto-scoring record Display, that not only save the score of the players but also records the miss-hit and score of multi-players at the same time.

Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard

Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard comes with a flexible package and a long-lasting set of accessories. It is easy to assemble and can be fixed to the desired location on the wall. Because of having built-in segment holes and locks, it has a durable bull eye or target area.

Furthermore, this dartboard cabinet has a design with the accuracy of the exact shot and is divided into high-precision segments.

In addition to that, it is crafted with pure Nylon, and the scoreboard updates according to the catching ring with the soft tip of the dart. Soft tip darts are easy to track on the destination of the LCD. All you need to just throw the dart rest of the work will handle itself. Alongside, it contains extra accessories including six starters, soft tip darts, a mount hardware option, a power cable, a power AC adapter, and a plug-in wire.

In the storage cabinet, some segments are designed to hold soft tip darts that look fascinating and well organized. More games are included and the most popular games such as 01, and Cricket games are also available.

  • 100% Nylon Design.
  • Built-in holes and functions are available to hang and fix it easily.
  • More space is available to store any material and is well organized.
  • Dart with a soft tip high in quality and technology.
  • Electricity is required to play with this dartboard

7. Arachnid Cricket Maxx 1.0:

This dartboard cabinet is crafted with the latest tech and quality, capable of storing darts with an outstanding style. The door of the Arachnid Cricket dartboard has been designed from the inside to work as a storage cabinet. Furthermore, the integrated door is with a beautiful finish’s walnut that is enhancing the beauty of the design.

Arachnid Cricket Maxx 1.0

The bull eye is designed in the center and shows the bottom bull shooters and players’ sequences. Moreover, the built-in holes and locks are fixed to support the dartboard on the wall which gives the easy mounting option.

As it comes in two colors black and dark brown, you can choose a color according to your interior. It is lightweight weighing only 14.3 pounds weight which is easy to move, and place. The cabinets are crafted with resistant and sturdy wood and are counted as a single unit.

It allows you to play more than 33 different games with a lot of different variations, or it can be precisely 183 variations. This dartboard has many features that are including a dartboard LCD, Scoreboard display, well-ordering of darts in a cabinet, walnut finishing, and last but not least stylish storage area.

  • Capable to prevent damage from stray darts.
  • Easy to assemble and mount.
  • The dartboard display area is 13.5 inches perfect for any distance.
  • Numbers of games and variations are available.
  • Take less space and order the playing material beautifully.
  • Not good for those who want to use for as decoration on the wall as well.

8. Viper Vault Cabinet – Best versatile dartboard cabinets:

Viper Vault Cabinet is one dartboard that comes with a solid design, eye-catching aesthetics, and is ready to play just out of the box. It comes as a full package including scoreboards, board markers, chalks, sets of steel tip darts, throw lines, and last but not least scoreboard erasers or dry erase, and mounting hardware. It is only available in one color: black, and it is made of Resin. The viper vault cabinet is 20 pounds in weight.

Viper Vault Cabinet

One of the most wonderful features is its dimension works on both opened and closed. The cross dimension is 18 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches in depth. The cabinet for the Viper vault dartboard is made of sisal or bristle fiber which adds up to increased durability, resistance, and sturdiness. This sturdy construction helps to prevent the inner bull eye from bouncing out.

The viper shot king, which is a moveable ring that increases the value and longevity of the viper dartboard, is what extends its life. Furthermore, the shadow buster cabinet is another fantastic feature of the viper. It is equipped with laser technology, allowing you to play in the sunshine.

  • Hardware mounting instruction is available with each part.
  • Classic and traditional look.
  • On closed dimensions, less space is required to place.
  • Laser technology is used to play even in the sunshine.
  • Laser technology makes the dartboard a little costly.

9. Barrington Billiards Webster – Best Indoor Dartboard Cabinet:

It is designed with the novel concept that is to look like a room safe, and for multiple players, tournaments, and indoors. Professional and elegant looked Barrington crafted with engineering wood comes with useful accessories including the top first six steel tip darts.

Barrington Billiards Webster

It is available in only one Chatham color. Mounting is the most important part of any dartboard which makes the use of it sometimes quite bothersome.

Barrington made it very easy by proving the surface mount option. It carries the style of Chatam and anyone can find it by the brand name Barrington billiards.

The cabinets are made of solid, and the MDF wood can hold six steel tip darts, the scoreboard is built-in on both sides for each player. The scoreboard can be easily erased and rewritten. There is some extra space to hold the chalk, markers, and eraser. It is officially known as a pro indoor dartboard and is lightweight along with modern hanging techniques.

  • Genuine and novel appearance.
  • Easy to move and hang, because of is lightweight.
  • Sturdy and durable
  • It has a rustic arcade design.
  • A self-healing board is also the best part of it.
  • Only found in one style.
  • Best for only indoor games.

Buyer Guide for Best Dartboard Cabinets:

Choosing the ideal best dartboard cabinet from a large number of dartboards might be challenging because of the large number of dartboards out there. If you know the important considerations and the factors, you can narrow down your research to have the required dartboard cabinet you need.

We have put together important factors that may help you figure out how can you have the best dartboard cabinet for yourself.

Dartboard Cabinet:

The cabinet is a vital component of the dartboard since it provides additional storage space for critical dartboard accessories such as markers, darts, chalks, and scoreboards. Furthermore, if it is designed on top of the dartboard bull eye, it will provide long-term support for the bull eye.

In short, a dartboard cabinet can be used to keep each player’s scoreboard and organize the sequence. Check out the design, style, and space to see what you like.


Each dartboard comes with several accessories such as soft-tip darts, steel-tip darts, markers, chalks, and scoreboards. Dart sets enable you to play, and they should be built of high-quality materials. If you buy an electronic dartboard, it should come with a specified voltage charger as an accessory.


The dartboard cabinet’s substance is crucial since it will not protect it from the wall as well as the front. Else It isn’t going to last long.
Cherry, ply, hard, and mahogany wood is among the several types of wood and materials available. Each one is priced differently depending on its quality. Dartboard cabinets are available in a variety of materials, including wood, steel, and plastic.

Size or Dimension:

For those who enjoy playing on the large bull eye, size matters a lot. The size of the dartboard varies depending on whether it is open or closed. If you have a large space, high dimensions and a large diagonal height are recommended. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a custom board, make sure you measure the dimensions several times.

Design and Style:

The first thing that catches anyone’s attention is the dartboard’s design and aesthetics. Brushing, transparent crystal, and brilliant and cool print are just a few of the style options available. The dartboard’s attractiveness is improved by the design.


If you’re buying a dartboard but don’t have a cabinet where you can keep a record of your score and save it for the future. Do you believe it can catch anyone’s attention? Cabinets include this feature as part of the dartboard kit. It appears to be a buy-one-get-one deal, but it also comes with a few useful features.

How to assemble a cabinet set on the wall?

Assembling and hanging the dartboard cabinet is quite easy. All you need to know is the height, width, and length of your dartboard. If you are assembling for the first time then find out the correct dartboard height and what is the exact distance of the throw line from the dartboard. It is easy to find out, you can check the manual for this detail and even its mention on the dartboard.

Dartboard Height:

Mostly the dartboard distance from the floor to the center of the bull eye should be 5 feet and 8 inches or 1.73 meters. It is an international height measurement. Moreover, it is the best measurement for all kinds of dartboards.

It does not matter if you assembling an electronic or steel-made dartboard. After successfully measuring the dartboard height then move to the next step and measure the throw line distance.

Throwline distance or measurement horizontally:

The throwline distance has to be measured horizontally and diagonally. In the horizontal distance measure, you have to find the distance between the bull eye to the throw line. Take a string and put it from the throw line to the bull eye and note down the distance.

The process of assembling a cabinet set on the wall is an important step.

  • First, measure the depth of the dartboard.
  • Second, add the found depth and horizontal distance.

The result will be a throwline distance horizontally.

Step by Step Instructions hanging on the wall:
  1. Hanging on the wall is a five-step process.
  2. Start with marking the measured height on the wall.
  3. Now place the bull eye on the wall and mark the triangle.
  4. Fill them with screw holes and stabilize the screw tightly. Make sure the shape should be a triangle. It is a guarantee of perfection.
  5. Fix the mounting bracket on the wall now.
  6. Place the dartboard on the mounting brackets and set the position and then screw up them tightly.

What is the best size for a Dartboard?

Each dartboard has a different size. All you need to choose according to the available space. Moreover, the size of the cabinet is different from the size of the dartboard. That’s why, it is difficult to specify the size, height, and weight according to your preference.

Which one is the best dartboard between Barrington Billiards Webster Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set and the Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard set?

Both are made by the same company and brand. Each one has some different features. Billiards webster is best for those who have large space on the wall. Also, it has a large space in the name of the cabinet that can hold almost all the accessories of the dartboard. While the Barrington collection is best for the indoor game but with less space. You can mount it on the surface and have durable nature.


Dartboard cabinets come in a variety of designs and styles. The carved elegance and storage cabinet are two features that set this dartboard apart from the rest.

If you prefer to play indoors and have limited storage space, we offer the Barrington Billiards Webster Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set. If you have wide wall space and want a beautiful dartboard, the Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet is the way to go. Each one has a distinguishing feature that has helped it to stand out among a large number of dartboard players and you can choose from among them based on your personal preferences.

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