Dmi Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Review

I still remember when my friends and I were thrilled in college to play darts. There were many indoor sports in our college but we were always interested in darts. At that time, most of my friends weren’t experts in aiming the darts, they practiced aiming and shooting on the DMI sports deluxe dartboard cabinet set.


Dmi Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet:

Today on the demand of our old friends and refreshing our memories, we’re reviewing today’s DMI sports deluxe dartboard cabinet. You will love its cabinet that is a rosewood finish and provides a sleek and decent design. With some great wall protection, you will love its durability over time. DMI sports deluxe dartboard is one of the famous bristle dartboards serving the best features under a budget for darting enthusiasts.

You will have a versatile choice of choosing colors between its oak-finished and light cherry colors. Not only the cabinet set, but you will get a good deal of steel tip darts and a game manual. So ready to hang this dartboard in your home and sports corners. Let’s discuss its key features ahead.

  • Amazing dart storage
  • Comes with 2 sets of steep-tip darts
  • Quality wiring system
  • Affordable
  • Few or some bounce-outs are clear

Features of Dmi Sports Deluxe Dartboard:

  • Having a choice of choosing between the two sets of cabinets. Both are decent and well furnished with sleek material.
  • The bristle dartboard’s construction is also reliable and it has a self-healing feature. Made from high-quality sisal fiber will let you down over time.
  • The surface area of the board is wide, having a diameter of 18 x 15 which is perfect for shooting.
  • While the door closing of the cabinet set is also excellent. It is equipped with self-closing technology that offers protection of the dartboard when you don’t play with it.
  • Thinking about damaging the wall? Not to worry! The outer surface of the dartboard is 20 inches which protects the wall from missing shots.
  • You don’t need to buy the set of darts because the package offers 2 sets of steel tip darts.
  • Another surprising feature is you can repaint the cabinet over time if it would lose its color.
  • All of your friends can play with this dartboard cabinet because 6 players can be accommodated at a time.
  • Besides that, you will get a one-year warranty with the package.

So these are the simple but exceptional features of the dmi deluxe dartboard cabinet set. These are only a few features but below, we’re going to dig deep into its features for your satisfaction. Stay with us!

Different colors

When buying this cabinet you will have the choice of choosing two colors. One is cherry finishes and the second is soft oak. However, if you want a chalkboard along with a cabinet we suggest going with a cherry finish. Along with that, the doors are equipped with an electronic scoreboard so you don’t need to count the score manually. However, the oak finish is also excellent. It is also equipped with a two-sided chalk scoreboard. You can make your best decision by choosing one of them.


The dartboard is constructed from durable sisal fiber that provides self-healing of the board quickly. Your dartboard won’t get any holes besides using steel tip darts. The cabinet set is also made with durable wood. The brass hinges are also durable and rust-resistant hence providing self-closing of the cabinet doors. The quality of the dart sets is also good enough that you don’t need to buy another set over time.


The Dmi deluxe dartboard has an official inner size of 18″ x 1½” which is a wide area for practicing as well as for tournaments. You can easily organize tournaments among your friends and family. Moreover, it also provides protection to the wall when you miss a shot. We only mentioned the inner surface but the whole surface size is  20″ x 18½” which will protect from missing shots.


You will get plenty of accessories that are game-ready. You will get a regular bristle dartboard, two sets of steel tip darts, a chalk scoreboard for the manual listing score. However, you will also get the electronic scoreboard now it totally depends upon you which one you want to use. But we suggest electronics are a better option. Moreover, you will get chalk and an eraser also.

One year warranty

Along with a budget package, you’re getting a one-year warranty with this dartboard. So you can easily play with it without the fear of breaking it. Multiple players can also play on this cabinet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is hanging the dartboard on a wall hard?

We don’t think it will be hard to hang on the wall because in our college days it was also hung on a wall and we used to play with it. Although the dartboard is not suitable for outdoors. Because it is made with sisal that wicks up the moisture.

Is the dartboard staple-free?

No, the dartboard is minimally stapling. However, it is not fully staple-free. The minimal staple will help you to reduce bounce-outs.

Can you use soft tips to play on this dartboard?

Definitely not, because we already mentioned the material that is sisal. This material is only compatible with steel tip darts. Also, steel tip darts are also included in the package. You can store them in the dart storage after playing with them.


So we’ve come to the conclusion that the dmi deluxe dartboard cabinet set is a highly convenient dartboard that can also be hung anywhere indoors. The features are really great under a budget. Besides, this will be your best choice of choosing a cabinet set for your home or wanting to start a bar. The professional players will love its regular size.

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