Easy Dart Games

As perceived, darts are not a game of imprudently throwing darts at the board. Rather, it’s a game of calculated targeting and speed. Now, what exactly are darts? Darts is an indoor sport where two or more competitors throw “Thin and small missiles” on the boards bare-handedly. What are the “simple or easy dart games” that you can learn and enjoy? Well, let’s find out.


Easy Dart Games:

Darts have a wide scope and a large range of ways to play. When we say simple dart games, we mean quite a list. Some are ultra pro-level games that need a lot of practice. While some simple dart games are living room games so you could have some quality time with friends and family. If you are simply good with aiming you can quickly move on to professional levels. You can improve your aiming skills with the help of dart games. You can play darts on your mobile phones with some digital apps. For physical games, go to a nearby bar or club. Or simply buy a dartboard and practice in your room.

Further in this article, we’re explaining some of the best yet easiest dart games, to begin with. For tenderfoots, these games are carefully selected. You can evaluate the one that suits your mood and skills through this article and start practicing. For novice learners, these games are highly recommended. If you play darts as a hobby and want to invite your friends, this is the easiest and quickest dart game to play with them.

5 Best Easy Dart Games for Fledglings:

  • Around the clock/relentless
  • Shanghai
  • 501 Darts
  • Hare and Hound Darts
  • Killer Darts
  1. Around the clock/relentless:

For starters, darts rules can sound a bit muddled. But being around the clock is the most popular darts game and it is not complicated. This is why it’s recommended for beginners.

Useful for: Kids can start learning from these games, fledglings: people who’ve never played darts before, and solo practice or practice with friends.

Players: at least 1

Rules: Each player gets three shots per round. Every player must hit the board in ascending order starting from one to twenty. Any segment of the number is considered a hit. Any player who finishes the tour/cycle first without missing hits is declared the winner.     

What makes it a fun game: The rules are clear. You cannot miss the digit and it’s mandatory. For beginners, it’s challenging to keep things spiced up if someone misses. The one who follows the game rules has a higher position in the game. Others get to correct their aims.

Mark of the game:

Workaround the board in progression from one to twenty as quickly as you can.

  1. Shanghai Darts:

This is the exemplary methodology of the mahjong tile solitaire game. Putting in simple words, consider you need to hit a slice on the board. Numbers marked around the board have single double and triple ratings moving inward, i.e., the center of the circle.  Hit any number of the outer circle and hit the remaining two darts in inward circles in concentric order. Throw the dart well, Hit the slice, and win the game. 

Players: Two players or two groups of different players

Useful for: All ages and capacities

What makes it a fun game:  Shanghai darts is technically the simplest dart game with very easy rules. Everyone gets three shots and you can hit the slice and win or keep playing until someone else does. It can be the quickest game or can prolong depending on the skill and experience of the players. Due to its simplicity and ease it’s one of the best dart games to start with. The basic purpose is to help you strengthen your aim.

Centers are conceded as follows:

  • Single – 1 point
  • Twofold – 2 core interests
  • Triple – 3 core interests  

What if no one hits the slice?

Now, since it’s a beginner’s game, you don’t have to wait till someone has scored a slice. 20 rounds are the maximum limit. If no one scores a slice till 20 rounds, the one with the maximum score is the winner. The hype in the game is, you could be twenty rounds down with the least score but if you manage to hit the slice, you stand the winner. It’s like catching a snitch in Harry Potter.

3. 501 Darts:

501 is the easiest most played dart game around the globe. Here, instead of chasing the score, you’re cutting through it. 501 is the set target and instead of achieving it, the game is reverse engineered to cut the score to zero.

Players: 1 – team

Useful for: All age groups. Kids specially and novice learners.

What makes it a fun game: Playing as a team or individual, you know that none of your shots are going in-vein. Every single hit is a scratch on the score. You set 501 as a target and as you hit the target, that score is reduced from 501. Suppose you hit 20, not 20 minus 501 is 481. This 481 is your new score. The first team or player that hits zero scores is the winner.

4. Hare And Hounds Darts

Like rabbits and turtles, Hare and Hound is a chase. But instead of running after a single score, the teams are running from and chasing each other.

Players: Two individuals or teams

Useful for: Beginners, Kids, and people of all ages and groups

What makes it a fun game: Consider the board split in half. The rare left side belongs to one team/ individual and it’s considered Hound. The Farther right side of the board is assigned to the other team or person and is named the hound. Now both teams choose their specific number as a game opener. (Consider 5 and 20) whichever team hits their target starts moving towards the right side of the board. The following team (hound) is supposed to chase the leading team (hare) and hit a higher score before the hare reaches the maximum target. The bullseye in this game is neither center of attention nor game-defining.

Interestingly, the teams are not bound to divide into two major groups. Small groups of opponents can play too. So, there’ll be multiple hares and multiple hounds.

5. Killer Darts

Killer Darts is yet another simple dart game that has fun and learning in it. Each player is assigned a number. The fun part is, you don’t have to do anything with numbers. Neither chase it nor score it in a hit. Instead, pray that your opponent does not hit that number. Because that is exactly their target. Killer dart is called Killer dart because it aims to eliminate participants from the game. As per the standard rules, players are supposed to hit the doubles but you can bend the rules as per convenience.

Players: Minimum two. Maximum is as many people as you want.

Useful for: Kids (The game might introduce the concept of rivalry as the aim is to choose an opponent and eliminate her/him), Novice learners, and people of any age or group.

What makes it a fun game: Since the game is for beginners (regardless of age), aiming for doubles really improves the skill of the player. Killer dart is one of the easy and simple dart games that you can start your or your kid’s training with.

 Darts in itself is a very fun game. And the most interesting fact about darts is their versatility and diversity. The rules are interesting and yet flexible and amendable. It’s a great way to build mental and physical balance as this activity is good for the mind as well as posture. It is a healthy hobby.

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