How to Aim a Dart

Aiming a dart might seem easy in the first place but this is not as easy as it seems to be. It needs a proper grip, throw, stance, arm position, use of your dominant eye, and most probably a high level of concentration. This guideline will make all things easier for you and will provide you with a path on How to Aim a Dart.


Learn How to Aim Dart:

Learning how to aim a dart can become tricky as it is always hard to start. You may end up landing your dart at the rim, or outside of the dartboard no matter how hard you target the bullseye.

So in simple words how to aim a dart involves the use of your dominant eye to aim the dart. It involves the practice of keeping your dominant eye, your dart, and the target in one line of sight before you throw it. Once all of these parameters are inline, throwing the dart may hit the target. Sounds easy? Right? 

Though it needs a complete understanding, so let’s start step by step.

So the process starts by gripping the dart, aiming it at the target, and throwing it to the target. How does it happen to make you a winner and you become a pro player, here is the breakdown.

  1. Make use of your dominant hand and eye:

In our body parts, one part is dominant over the other one. We experience this thing in our right and left hands but the same goes with the eyes. One of our eyes is always dominant as compared to the other eye. Using the dominant hand and eye makes the aim accurate and precise. Having proper hand and eye coordination leads to the perfect aim of the dart. The best way to know your dominant eye is to throw the dart by closing both eyes one by one. The eye which you feel is hard to keep close to is your dominant eye. Knowing your dominant hand is easy as it is the hand you use the most.

So, this step will not only make How to Aim a Dart thing easier for you but for the most part help you out throughout the process.

2. Bring the dart to your eye level:

After figuring out your dominant hand and eye, you will be holding the dart and bringing it to the level of the eye. It is important to use only the dominant hand and eye. When you bring the dart to the level of the eye, keep your body relax and straight while pointing your elbow to the dartboard. You should end up having an angle of 90 degrees between your body, elbow, and hand while pointing the dart.

3. Better Line Of Sight

To perfectly hit where you want to, you need to have a better line of sight with a clear view. Use your dominant hand to adjust the angle and keep your aim in perfect alignment with your target. Some people use the small finger and align it properly while throwing. While some people use the tip of the dark, it doesn’t matter what type of technique you are using as long as you have a clear line of sight, you can easily aim and precisely reach your target.

4. Starting With Elbow

The position of your elbow is important while you are aiming as the elbow is the first thing that moves while you are throwing darts. If you use your elbow movement to your advantage you can easily reach the target with high precision. There are many elbows positions people use to throw darts but the most popular position is your elbow being raised a bit and aligning with your target or dartboard. When used perfectly, the elbow becomes a huge pivot while aiming so be sure to place it properly for high accuracy.

5. Tip Of The Dart Slightly Upwards

Keeping the tip of the dart a bit higher as it provides a better angle and long range, the main purpose of throwing is to aim so that your dart can reach the desired spot on the board. Because keeping the tip of the dart a bit upward can give you a better reach as it moves over an angle of around 45 degrees. Make sure that the tip is slightly higher to get a clear line of sight.

6. Aiming Directly

Practicing and aiming directly at your target is crucial as it maintains your aim and doesn’t affect your mental health while playing for long hours. By luck, you may reach the target if you aim right or left but in terms of skills, you will have a poor throw. Even if you miss your shots, it is okay because as you practice you will get a better aim. So, make sure to aim directly at your target, and even if you miss keep doing it as it will help you have a better aim.

So, these are the steps you need to follow in How to Aim a Dart. When you start picking it up move forward with the gripping stage.

Learn How to Grip a Dart:

After aiming, dart gripping is the crucial step. Let’s say, you learn about How to Aim a Dart but not the actual gripping process then it will never make any difference. Gripping a dart needs the following steps to learn and master.

  • Hold the barrel of the dart with your three fingers:

The first step in gripping the dart is holding it in your hands with the help of your fingers. This involves fine motor skills and you engage three of your fingers the same way you hold a pencil. Hold the barrel of the dart in between your thumb and index figure supported by your middle finger. You can also use your ring finger for additional support if you are using a dart with a long barrel. You must know that the barrel is the bottom part of a dart with raised dimensions. 

  • Make sure to have an easy and relaxed grip:

If you hold the dart so tight, it will become hard to release it. The best advice is to hold in an easy and firm manner. Holding the dart tightly may put pressure on the fingers which are not required in the dart game. As a thumb rule, apply as much pressure where the dart is easy to hold and control.

  • Don’t curl your hand to make a fist:

Keep your hand relaxed and open. Don’t try to close your fist as it may make it hard to release the dart. 

Learn How To Throw Darts:

Throwing darts equally contributes. If you know How to Aim a Dart and Gripping process then your throws are the last part here. Follow the below steps:

  • Use of Hand And Wrist For Throwing darts

Using the wrist, hand, and elbow while you throw is important the elbow is there for a better aim while the wrist is for power and the hand maintains control. It is important to know that these three parts of the body should be in sync to deliver an accurate throw. Keep your elbow slightly upwards when throwing cause it gives you a better sight while being a bit more accurate than a straight throw. Only your hand should move while both your wrist and elbow are there to support your throw.

  • Let the wrist move forward

If you let your wrist move forward while releasing the dart instead of downwards it will give the dart more power and result in a consistent throw. The wrist plays an important role in accelerating the dart while maintaining control over it and if you let the wrist snap forward instead of backward it will generate more power with control.

  • Maintaining Good Form

As mentioned earlier, after releasing the dart you should let your hand and wrist continue the movement as it will give you better control over your throws. Furthermore, it helps in maintaining your form even after the throw. Be sure to continue the throwing movement after releasing the dart for a short amount of time to maintain good form till the end.


To conclude, if you practice these techniques you will surely improve your game and your throws will become more accurate as time passes. First, learn the art of aiming using steps given in How to Aim a Dart, then Gripping, and lastly how to throw darts. Practice it, so that you have enough control over your throws that you can make dart land wherever you want is the purpose of this training. If you follow and train with these tips, it will be hard and even if you miss your shots at the beginning don’t worry as you will get the hang of it sooner than you expect.

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