How to Hit Bullseye in Darts

Dart is a complicated game of subtleness and speed. You are literally throwing a very bullet-like sharp, finger size small object which is made of metal and has a very pointy edge. One of the main concerns of the players is: How To Hit The Bullseye. Well, there are many tips/tricks involved that must be followed. As easy as it appears, it’s actually a game of sharp reflexes. Great mind and body coordination is involved in a perfect game of darts. An immature might pick up a dart and throw it on the board like it’s no biggie, but the actual players understand the real science behind it.

Now, for those who consider darts a hobby or just something to do while enjoying some drinks at a bar, Mark Dudbridge is literally earning his lavish living out of it. He is earning $47,000 for his single tournament. So what is so special about darts it is really that technical to hit the bullseye in darts. Here’s how it’s done.


How to Hit the Bullseyes:

Your body and mind coordination plays a perfect short before it’s ever performed. If your reflexes are aligned with your target and your mind is focused, your dart has halfway hit the bullseye.

1. Position of your body

We’re breaking down the steps so you can easily learn to aim right, assess yourself, and improvise accordingly. Below are some professional tips from Irish The World Masters Champion, Ireland Open Champion, and World Championship Finalist “Mark Dudbridge”.

2. Grip the dart lightly

Remember that the darts are very thin in size. The more fingers around it will shift its dynamics. So the lesser the fingers, the better the shot. Hold the back of your dart with your thumb and first finger only. Use the middle one on the point. If you use less weight and pressure on the dart, you will get good speed and accuracy.

3. Align your Toes to the Target

Move your hands in a straight line from toe to your eye. Your biceps can go horizontal while your forearms are perpendicular. You can lean over the while maintaining the body’s alignment.

4. Choose the Right Dartboard

The regular dartboards are ok for fun but for a professional level, go for a dartboard that is woven with very thin wires that won’t let the dart bounce out when you throw it. Dartboards with regular thick wires do not entertain the dart like a professional-quality board does. Dartboards have evolved throughout the years. The ones with thick wires separating the sections are becoming obsolete as it becomes a hindrance in the game. Imagine hitting on the board and instead of landing on the board it strikes on the section division wire and falls off, or as it’s called, bounce-out.

Soft tip dartboards are also least recommended. Section-division wires are not their problem but holes that calculate the score electronically are. The manufacturers are producing slightly curved boards so the dart retention on the board is easy. As per our champion, for an improved game and precision to your method, a well-manufactured dartboard such as Unicorn Eclipse Pro is highly recommended. Because as much as your skill is important, so is the product you’re using to play.

5. The Dart that Aims Perfectly

Usually, when you purchase the braid, brass darts are part of the package. However, the metal and its formation do affect the efficiency of your game. Brass darts are usually thick. So if you are aiming for “grouping” (landing all your darts in closest proximity), it will be almost unattainable. The more surface one dart takes, the lesser the chances of another one sticking close to it. The same is the issue with Nickel darts. If you want to hit the bullseye, choose the darts that are thin and swift.

Well as per our champion’s recommendations, Darts prepared by Harrows Atlantis are 95 percent tungsten (25 grams to be exact). The wings added behind the darts are slightly larger in size as compared to the regular ones. This small change increases the aerodynamics of the darts. Also, tungsten is heavy compared to Brass or Nickel darts. When thrown at a correct angle with the right dynamics, This weight adds up to the speed and accuracy of the dart. Hence it lands on the bullseye. Also, tungsten is ideal for “grouping”.

Lastly, practice is fundamental for perfect results. Especially for your physical position while throwing the darts, practice can align the body and so you can hit the bullseye.

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