How to Sharpen Darts

Darts with blunt tips are inappropriate for use. One must sharpen the dart before playing so that it hits the target exactly. Everyone loves to throw the darts but if it does not embed the board, it might be annoying. To conquer the opponent, make sure that the tips of your darts are perfectly sharpened so for that one should know how to sharpen darts!

However, A super sharp dart can still damage the board, but a flat dart is also unsuitable for playing as well. Some of the players are not conscious of sharpening the darts, but it doesn’t mean that they face a lot of bounce-outs.

But still, It is a good idea to file the edges before playing for a better aiming experience. In this context, we will discuss a number of different ways that help in sharpening the darts.


How to Sharpen the Darts without a Sharpener?

Most of the time, people go with a dart sharpener in order to get a perfect shape, but we have some ways that do not demand a dart sharpener. There are numerous other ways that can keep your darts shaped without the help of any tool.

Sharp with a Sandpaper

Sandpaper can help you do all of your tasks without sharp tools. Using sandpaper is an excellent way to sharpen the dart without any tool. For a metal-tipped dart, grab a fine and medium-sized paper having a flat surface. Secondly, place that sandpaper on a flat surface. Next, move the head of the dart on that sandpaper in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions to get a perfectly aligned diameter of the tip. Lastly, hold the sandpaper on the pointed tip to get a spiral-shaped scuff with nice edges of the steel-tipped dart.

Note: This method is not applicable for soft-tipped darts.

Other Tricks to Sharpen the darts without any Tool

Else the above-mentioned techniques, one must go with the following tricks in order to get a sharp dart. These include:

  • A brick (make sure that it is a red brick)
  • A whetstone
  • A fish hook sharpener
  • A regularly used file
  • The rough edge, surface, or underside of a plate or cup
  • An Emery cloth
  • An irregular rock
  • An emery board
  • A curbstone
  • A nail filer

One thing to keep in mind …

Many people stay confused about how much extent one should sharpen the darts. A fully sharpened dart is dangerous for the dartboard as well so make sure that the tip is somehow round and has a small radius. It must not be as sharp as a knife’s tip. The half-round tips of the darts keep the sisal fibers and wiring of the dartboard intact.

How to Sharpen Darts with a Flat Stone

Flat stones are of use for human beings since ancient times. Luckily, flat stones are also useful in sharpening the darts as well. Firstly, make sure that the stone has a proper radius with fine sides. Next, place the dart perpendicular to the surface of the stone and rotate it side by side. Make a conical and sharp profile of the dart to keep the tip intact.

Can We Sharp Darts at home?

This is the most frequently asked question in the list of questionnaires. If you have a bit experience of with the game, you might be capable of sharpening the dart at home.

It does not require any extra effort but still, it is not a child’s play. You might get injured or hurt while sharpening the dart. So make sure that you are handling the dart and the tool with care and keep your little one away.

Make the Dart Sharpening Easy with Tools

If you are not able to sharpen the darts with the above-mentioned techniques, you can go with the available tools that include:

Electric Dart Sharpener

Nowadays electric gadgets have made life easier. It is serving a lot of mankind. If you are looking for an easy way to sharpen your darts, you must order an electric sharpener now! For a precise dart tip, this is the best tool and saves your time a lot. The electric dart sharpener is battery optimized so that you can carry it with you anywhere. Moreover, the models that come with a variety of angles allow you to select the angle and you are all done in seconds!

Manual Dart Sharpener

On the other hand, if you are not in favor of electric sharpeners, you can go with the manual machine. These are operated with hands, however, these might give you less precision than electric ones. In addition, these sharpeners are cheaper and save you money. Moreover, they last longer than electronic darts sharpeners. The negative aspect of these sharpeners is that it is difficult to carry this one must sharpen the darts at home using this tool. To use the dart sharpener, you have to move the tip around the bowl-shaped sharpener to get a pointed edge.

What are the precautionary measures one must keep in mind while keeping the darts?

While keeping the darts stored in a place, make sure that you do not sharpen the edges as these might be harmful for the infants.

Over sharpening is also not a good idea if you are storing the dart for long. Also, make sure that you have placed the darts in a dry area so that the tip does not rust with time. Moreover, Try to keep the darts enclosed in a case so that they stay dehydrated and intact.

In addition,

While buying the darts, make sure that the metal is high in quality. If you choose low-quality darts, you might need to sharpen them regularly, this is also not good for the board. The best metal for dart is carbon steel, it is tougher and more durable.

What if the darts are too pointed?

Too pointed or too dull darts are both effective to your spider. If your dart is too sharpened, the metal Knicks the board, and all the momentum is lost at once. The dart will ultimately fall to the ground!

Final Verdict

Before heading towards the game, watch your dart tip carefully, it should be good and sharp. Hopefully, with the help of the above content, you will find the perfect method to keep your darts up-to-date. Irrespective of your sharpening method, either electric or manual, darts need to be perfectly pointed to dig into the board. The round tip of the dart will bounce back and you will not be able to play the game fully. However, while sharpening, take good care of yourself and the kids around to avoid any injury and damage.

If you have sharpened your darts with any other method other than the mentioned one, do not forget to share with us!

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