Soft Tip Darts vs Steel Tip Darts

Most beginners are confused about selecting the darts having different tips. To help you in this regard, we have done a comprehensive comparison between both for better understanding. The main difference between both is their weight and flexibility. Now, it depends on the player what they prefer according to their playing style and shot velocity. In addition, you must keep an eye on the material of the dartboard to see which one is more suitable for the high-velocity shots. Have you ever done hat tricks in darts?. If you are a professional player, you must be curious about the difference between the steel-tip dart and the soft-tip dart. Let’s dig down into the details.


Steel Tipped Darts – Positive and Negative Aspects

Steel-tipped darts are mostly preferred by professionals as these are more accurate in shots. These types of darts are more likely to pierce the boards and even embed them in them leaving a hole behind. Most of the time, these darts can bring a hole into the wall as well. 

But still …

Players with a good gaming sense prefer the darts steel-tipped because of their weight. You will be amazed to know that the steel-tipped darts weigh about 20 to 30 grams in general! Due to its weight, it hits the exact position and the dart can be thrown more accurately. In addition, the weight allows the dart to face the wind and breeze resistance without any hurdle. Moreover, The steel-tipped darts are more reliable and durable as compared to the soft tips. As these darts do not bend easily until and unless they hit the hard places or professionals distort it forcefully. Except for the durability, these darts have good resale value as they last long and have a metal tip inside it. 

If a beginner uses it?

If you are a beginner of the game, you are preferred to use the soft-tip dart as these are heavy and difficult to handle. It can even break the board if not used properly so you are recommended to use the soft tip to become an expert on the game. If you are using the electronic board, it must have the Bristle Tech surface for the steel-tipped darts. In addition, these are the traditional darts, which are used in professional tournaments that stick to the fiber of the bristle or paper dartboard. One can also renew the paper dartboard easily. 

Soft tip darts – Positive and Negative Aspects

For the players who are in the learning process, soft tip darts are the safest choice for them. These darts come under a flexible profile that allows you to play safe and sound. To bring a better flexible experience to your game, you must go with the soft tip dart. 

In addition,

The soft tip darts are perfect for use on quality magnetic Dartboards or electronic dart boards. These darts have molded plastic on the tip that makes them light in weight and allows you to focus better on your aim.

More light in weight …

Because of the lighter weight of the soft tip dart, one can easily play the game without the worry of any injury or damage. On the other hand, the steel-tipped darts cause damage if they hit the ground or if they bounce back, they might cause injury. Therefore, if children are playing the game, one must prefer the soft-tipped dart. Also, these are preferable for congested places to keep things safe around. Moreover, instead of the lightweight, these darts stick to the board easily and embed to the surface without applying additional force.

On the other hand,

Due to its lightweight, it is hard to be more accurate as you will find the center of gravity difficult. The soft tip darts are also less resistant to breeze and winds. In short, the soft tip darts are basically the best choice for the learner, beginners, and kids. 

Steel Tip vs Soft Tip Darts

Comparison Steel Tip Dart Soft Tip Dart
Weight Heavy Light
Durability More Durable Less Durable
Accuracy More Accurate Less Accurate
Reliable More Reliable Less Reliable
Price Worthy Expensive Cheap
For Electronic Boards Recommended with bristles Best to use
Center of Gravity  Easy to finds Hard to find
Wind resistance Good Fair
Best for Player Professional Beginner

Conclusive Words

The crux of the article includes the pros and cons of steel and soft tip darts. If you are a professional player with good-paying experience, you must go with the steel dart. However, it might cause injury if played carelessly to the player, surroundings, and the dartboard. On the other hand, soft tips are mostly recommended for inexperienced players that are in the learning stage. In addition, it is safe to use, however, the tip may bend if you hit it violently. So try using it in a soft manner. In the end, it is your choice whether you go with a steel tip or a soft tip. Do share your valued comments with us!

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