Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard Review

So here is another bristle dartboard for championships and tournaments for newbies to polish their skills. The Unicorn Eclipse Pro dartboard is equipped with incredible features compared with other dartboards in this price range. 


Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard:

If you truly love darting then Unicorn eclipse would be the best choice for you. Although if a player is expecting higher professionalism in this price range then it won’t fulfill the most professional requirements. But you will be amazed by its quality of material and self-healing performance. If you’re going to throw light shots and want the dart to slide off the dartboard in order to gain a higher score, then you must try this dartboard. The dartboard is perfect in terms of material, performance, and nearly every aspect that a newcomer wants. So without further delay let’s discuss its key points here.

Key Features of Unicorn Eclipse Pro dartboard

  • The dartboard has an ultra-slim segment in order to lock the dart with ease. However, if you throw the dart slowly, it will be stuck on the board.
  • Usually, many dartboards are thick and their fiber is not much compressed. But, this dartboard is 30% thinner than other dartboards. Also, its material is more compressed.
  • Being a newbie, you would face bounce-outs. But don’t worry! This dartboard allows you to score higher with ease. Because its thinness reduces the bounce-outs.
  • In addition, the construction of the dartboard is fully staple-free along with its bullseye that’s also staple-free.
  • Moreover, the staple-free construction makes it durable and increases its lifespan.
  • The dartboard has the championship quality, so if you want to play with your friends to set up a tournament, this dartboard will help you out on this under a budget.
  • The manufacturers used minimal metal in the wiring system and spiders in order to control the bounce-outs.

The dartboard is equipped with all those premium features. It’s a perfect item considering its price. Unicorn adds value to its all products within the customer’s range. Neither are they more pricey nor are they cheap? But they provide quality over the price. Below, we have discussed its detailed features. If you’re still not satisfied you can read the features in detail.

  • 30% thinner and compressed fiber
  • Amazing durability
  • Fully staple-free bullseye
  • Good wiring system
  • Number loop is a bit small

Staple-Free Construction

While every aspect of the dartboard is fabulous. But the staple-free construction makes it a perfect dartboard for outdoor use. Because the staple-free construction will increase its overall durability. The dartboard takes advantage of the construction. Along with that, the staple-free bullseye makes it more reliable. The bullseye will not fall off because it’s sealed properly. You will be able to achieve the goals with ease because the bullseye’s segment is measured at 11.85 mm.

Reduced Bounce-Outs

Thrilled to let you know that, the unicorn eclipse pro dartboard is 30% thinner than regular dartboards. Do you know what is the advantage of thinness? You will be able to score more if you play in a tournament with your friends. Even if you throw the dart at a slow pace, the dart will be stuck in the board with ease.

The championship quality dartboard has a metal wiring score system that is compressed enough to provide better reflection. There will be a minimal number of bounce-outs with this dartboard. The surface segment is sleek and well-designed. Besides that, the color of the board is clear and bright which allows you to target your area clearly. Along with that, the segments provide additional support to newbies because they are bigger than normal boards.


Meanwhile, the dartboard has a spider structure that is thinner than other dartboards. It is well organized and enhanced for the user.


Along with all these premium dartboard features, you will get plenty of accessories in the package. You will get an assembly guide and a free check-out chart. However, the darts are not included in this package. If you want darts in a package then go with viper league pro dartboard. Besides that, you will get screws, 3 rubber stabilizers, fixing brackets, and a paper tape measure. Aren’t these accessories worth it? In addition, you will also get a tack for the protection of your wall. The dartboard can be hung anywhere.

Metal wiring

The number wiring is made with steel that is durable and thin. These wires are set down at the edge of the dartboard. It has a good wiring system that precise the score relentlessly. Also, the color of the wiring matches the color of the sisal. It allows you to score even better.


Both treble and double segments are well designed compared to other dartboards, the treble segment has 9.10 mm which is bigger than the available dartboards available in this price range. Furthermore, the double segment has 9.16 mm which is also bigger than other boards giving an advantage of scoring more with ease.


What is a unicorn dartboard made of?

This dartboard is made from sisal fiber. Dartboards that are made from sisal fibers are self-healing and durable boards. They have the strength of light shots and can be hung on the wall with ease

What type of darts should I use on this dartboard?

This board is only for playing with steel tip darts. However, you can try soft tips but you might face bounce-outs with them.

Is this dartboard for professional players?

Basically, our answer is no! Still, you can play with this dartboard if you’re out of budget there are many professional dartboards available in the market but you can try this one also.

Wrapping Up

Overall, being a newbie player’s point of play the dartboard is unique and perfectly available in the market. Compared with other high-priced models, this item will serve you more than that. Once you buy this dartboard and start playing, you will understand its quality. You can carry this dartboard outdoors with ease because it is not much heavier, containing a weight of only 11.24 pounds.

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