Viper League Pro Dartboard Review

So you are completely a beginner at darting and want to improve your skills on a budget dartboard. We’re clearly saying if you are a professional this dartboard is not for you although beginners would get the maximum benefit of this dartboard.


Viper League Pro Dartboard Review

A simple yet vibrant, we’re going to review the dartboard named Viper League pro dartboard. We used this dartboard in the starting days of the beginning when our friends were totally beginners.

After polishing our throwing, aiming, and scoring skills on this dartboard, we step forward on some professional dartboards. You will enjoy the fewer bounce-outs of this board. Being a beginner, you only need to buy this dartboard and you will get the additional accessories.

  • Staple-free bullseye
  • Available in 3 vibrant colors
  • Budget-friendly
  • Very High quality
  • Barriers are bending over time.

Key Features of Viper League Pro

  • The very first thing that comes to mind when we talk about a product that is cheap then we must think of its manufacturing material. Don’t worry! you will get the self-healing sisal fiber that is durable.
  • The dartboard has a staple-free bullseye in order to reduce the bounce-outs. Newbies may face the bounce-outs more. So the galvanized wires are thin enough that allows the darts to slide off in the sisal fiber hence there will be fewer bounce-outs.
  • You can move the number ring in order to change the score number position to improve your shooting.
  • The dartboard has 3 vibrant colors to attract the child, they are evergreen, galaxy black, and crimson red.
  • You don’t need to spend additional dollars to buy darts and game manuals. You just need to buy this package. If you want to know the full accessories please keep reading the post.

Another plus point in this dartboard is you can play both types of darts, soft tips, and steel tips. Both will work effortlessly but you will get only steel tip darts with the package hence you will enjoy this cross-platform dartboard. So we have discussed its key points. Now let’s discuss its detailed features.

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As we already mentioned above, the dartboard’s base is made with sisal fiber that is self-healing. Along with that, the number wiring system is made from galvanized steel. In addition, the wires are thin enough so that there will be fewer chances of bounce-outs. The radial wires help the dart to slide off in the scoreboard hence the 360 sphere shape of the wiring helps the most in achieving more score points.

The bullseye is staple free and is sturdy compared with other dartboards in this price range. Moreover, the ring from the edge of the dart compresses the sisal fiber in order to extend its lifespan of the sisal fiber.


The Viper League Pro dartboard has got an official size of 18” that is ideal for practice at bars and at home. Along with that, the board is 1 ½ inch thick yet durable. The dart board can be placed easily on a wall.


So you’re a newbie and don’t want to spend much on darting. So here are the accessories which are included in this package for not spending much. You will get a set of steel tip darts containing 3 darts, a scoreboard with an eraser along with chalk, a cricket scoreboard, a user manual, and mounting hardware. For beginners, it is highly suggested to buy this one.


Are you a colorful person who likes spiced colors the most? Or you want to attract your child to gain attention in the colors. The dartboard is painted green, red, and, black. The fourth color has sisal fiber itself. The colors in spiders are a red and green spiced combination in order to get the score in a manner.


At the same time with color combinations, the sisal fiber has the ability of self-healing. When you remove the dart from the boards it starts expanding which offers durability to the extent level. Even if you play for six hours it won’t get damaged. Despite being painted black, the dartboard won’t tear out easily.

Wiring Number

In addition, the dartboard is excellent with a great feature of a movable number wiring system. In addition to durability, the wiring system extends the life of the board. The wiring is much compressed to reduce the deflection providing the beginner’s clear visibility of shooting. 


Is Viper a good dartboard brand?

Viper dartboard is a highly affordable product out there. We found this dartboard receiving positive reviews from beginners. The viper league pro is a regulation-size dartboard with offers quality construction. However, it is also the top-selling product in the market.

What dartboard should I buy?

Well, this totally depends upon your needs and which skill level you’re on. If you’re a beginner then Viper league pro and winmau dartboards that are made from sisal/bristle are perfect for you. And if you’re a professional player, then jump to dartboard cabinets and electronic dartboards.

How much is a regulation dartboard?

Dartboards have been made from different types of materials and they come in various sizes. Usually, dartboard pricing starts from $15 to $400 depending on the quality of the material and additional features. The dartboard cabinets and digital dartboards are much more expensive than bristle boards.

Last Words

Overall, the Viper League Pro dartboard is fantastic, offering plenty of features and accessories. So here is the perfect dartboard for beginners to polish their skill level. Despite being a budget model, the dartboard’s material is also good enough. That’s all!

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