What Dart Shafts Do The Pros Use?

Dart shafts play a vital role in the dart’s performance. You need to select the type of material and style of darts that suits you the best and most probably you’ve to look for What Dart Shafts Do The Pros Use. It can help you achieve your victory. If your wrist and fingers are not comfortable around the shaft, It’ll cause distraction and demotivation.

The style, type of match, weight of the dart, the material it’s made of, length, grip type, and design/ shape of the shaft are personal choices that a player decodes according to their preferences and requirements. Hence, what might be the best product for someone playing 501 darts turns out useless for someone playing Hare and Hound darts. It is not the rule of the game but rather the style of the player that defines which darts suit them.


What Dart Shafts Do The Pros Use?

It is obvious that the dart brands used by professionals are top-notch products that can really improve your game. Some of the professional dart competition champions have shared their preferences and tips when it comes to choosing the darts for acing the shots. Below are the enlisted references that might suit your style, grip, and material choice.

23-gram XQ Max Darts

Michael van Gerwen is a world champion, known for speed and accuracy. He understands that aerodynamics plays a crucial role and a dart is no different from a small missile. Gerwen chooses pencil-thin XQ Max Darts that weigh barely 23 grams. The shafts are made of a heavily milled barrel that has a subtle patch in the center. The weight of the metal adds up to the velocity of the dart and the body position and wrist moment define the direction. 

22 gram Red Dragons

If you’re not comfortable with pencil-thin darts and prefer a slightly shaped shaft, We have a champion in the recommendation. 2020’s Scottish world champion Peter Wright loves Red Dragon for its shape and material.

Instead of a pencil-thin straight shaft, Red Dragon is shaped like a sharpened pencil with a long lead. The shaft has grooves that sit perfectly between the middle and first finger. A slight moment of the wrist and it goes flying at its target, straight like a laser-guided missile. 

 26-gram Target Legacy Darts

Consistency defines your passion when it comes to darts. Phil Taylor is the top player with the highest rating in its league. Tylor is known for being player of the year for 6 years and reached the finals 14 consecutive times from 1994 to 2007 and won eight of these championships.

Being such a legend, most dart players wonder what dart Phil Taylor uses? Taylor is a consistent fan of Target legacy Darts. Relatively heavier than the rest, they are short and groovy at the front. The center has ring cuts that offer a very sturdy grip. 

24 gram Unicorn Phase 4 darts

Twice “Professional Dart Competition” champion Gary Anderson is a big fan of 24 gram Unicorn Phase 4 darts. The dart shaft is tungsten made thin, and it has subtle razor cuts for a firm grip. The size of the shaft is brief and cuts are very thin so the fingers wrap around it without any chances of slipping. The thin barrel adds more advantages as it is considered the best for grouping. Unicorn’s shafts are designed for complicated and unpredictable games. 

20 gram Unicorn James Wade Purists darts

20 gram Unicorn James Wade Purists darts is yet another brilliant dart brand used by professionals. James Wade has established himself as a young legend that will rule the championships for a long time. He won his first major title at the age of 24 and also defeated Phil Taylor in the Premier League.

He is also one of the three world champions known for winning nine-darter in the World Grand Prix and the Grand Slam of Darts. 20 gram Unicorn James Wade Purists dart is a promising brand that can help you follow the lead. 90 percent tungsten made, it is a barrel-only dart with groves over the shaft at an even distance. It’s a midget rocket that lands where it is aimed at.  

21-gram Target Voltage darts

Rob Cross defeated Phil Taloy in 2018, in his debut match. Second, in the league, he is a goal setter and an inspiration for many young players. Cross uses 21-gram Target Voltage darts for their top-notch quality. These darts are also tungsten made but are much smoother because they have few grooves on the barrel. The cuts are architectural and make a very comfortable grip. 

24 gram Red Dragon Darts

2018’s Grand Slam winner Gerwyn Price is the new sensation in the game. His first televised win was against Gary Anderson. Price is using his own 24-gram Red Dragon Darts. The darts have unique shark fin cuts and diamond grains infused in the shaft. The shaft is pencil-thin with a very aerodynamic curve. The thin and heavy darts are ideal for grouping and bull’s eye alike. 

24 gram Unicorn Maestro Silver darts

Micheal Smith stood victorious against Rob Cross in the Shanghai Darts Masters in 2018. His first debut was in 2008. He won 6 titles and it ranked the 6th in the league. His choice is 24-gram Unicorn Maestro Silver darts. The darts are tungsten-made and have sharp grooves. The front and back of the shaft are covered in ring cuts and have a curvy design. The darts are heavy and perfect for powerful hits. 

What do these darts have in common?

Darts are more of a matter of preference. Every dart is carefully designed so there is no good or bad dart but the one that suits the player’s style. We only found a few similarities between darts used by the champions. 

  • What metal for darts pros prefer?: Tungsten is the most used metal preference by professionals. The metal is heavier so it makes a very thin yet very heavy shaft. 
  • What weight dart do the pros use?: All pros are comfortable between 21 to 24-gram darts. The dart weight carries from 12 to 500 grams but 21 to 24 appears to be a professional’s preference. 22 grams was the most common.
  • What metal darts do the pros use?: The majority of the pros use tungsten-made, pencil-thin shafts that make grouping easy. When hitting the bull’s eye or aiming for a high target, spacing, and thickness of the barrel play a crucial role.
  • Heavy groove cuts on the barrel make the grip firm and accurate. Most pros prefer it because it adds up in the performance. 

The only difference is the gripping type of the shaft. Each player chooses the barrel design according to their comfort. Knurling used to be a common design on most the darts. However, the option now varies from ring cuts to infused diamonds, etc. 


The commonalities and differences between the dart brand used by professionals are enlisted for you. The dart’s metal choice remains tungsten and the ideal weight is between 21 to 24 or 25 grams. Depending upon your inspiration and style, you can choose the dart shaft that aligns perfectly with your fingers and the wrist moment.

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