What is Hat-trick in Darts

If you are a damn fan of darts, you are a traditional person as this game has a rich history and culture.

Darts were originally originated by a soldier seeking entertainment in the 14th century. He invented a number of variations in the game and now, it is recognized worldwide.

Nowadays, it is played professionally and as a source of recreation as well by folks in their free time. Apparently, it looks like a simple game but it covers a universe of rules in it. To become a conqueror of the game, you must have command of the rules and regulations of the games.

Dart players share in-side jokes with each other for the sake of fun that often tickles their funny bone and they chuckle for hours. The game itself covers numerous colors, the players use it to hit the targets and each round has its own interesting names including the killer, Halve-it, Gotcha, Legs, Annie’S Attic, and so on.

Most people are desperate to know about the Hat-Trick in darts, let’s discover it in detail.


What Is The Hat Trick In Darts?

Most commonly hat-trick is the name of a successive victory at the same time. Similarly, in darts when a person hits the Bullseye three times consecutively, we call it a hattrick.

The majority of people are strict about hitting the red circle, but some are lenient about the definition. They say if a person hits the outer ring of the red ring, they also count it as a hat-trick. In addition, most experts count the last two darts of a single throw and the first Dart of the next throw as a hat-trick as well.

However, experts claim that three succeeding hits on the red spots only are named the hat-trick. Additionally, this shot is also referred to as Alan Evans shot.

Why is the Hat-trick called Alan Evan shot?

Alan Evan was an expert dart player, ranked number 1 for his achievements. He had gained fame throughout the world for his invincible victories. Evan is still in the hearts of the dart players for his ability to score the bullseye one after the other. He is also famous for his Scottish tour, where he did 8 hat-tricks and a total of 150 at the end. This is the reason why the hat tricks are named after the player Alan Evan.

What if one hits the three bullseyes?

Depending on your location, the terms might vary for the game. As I have mentioned earlier, a hat hat-trick in darts is referred to as hitting the nearest point to the red circle or the bull’s eye.

But the confusion still exists!

In most places, people call it “Black-Eye or Black-hat.” When a person hits the red dot or the outer bull marked as 25, one might consider it as a hit-trick, depending on the area you are playing. Most of the time, when the game is played under a strict ruling environment, the player has to hit the bullseye with all three darts in a single throw.

Summarizing the debate!

We get to know that people from different areas have categorized the game with the different percept. Therefore, to finalize the war of words, you can be the next trendsetter of the Dart game in this era with your own rules. Perhaps!

Final Words

The hat-trick in other games is generally impressive and magnificent, but it is more momentous in the game of darts. Hitting three times at a single spot one after one is not an easy task though!

However, you will find different words for the term “hat-trick” in accordance to the location and players. Most of the variation regarding the terminology in the game of darts is noted in the UK.

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