What To Put Behind A Dartboard To Protect The Wall

Darting is the most fun indoor game and whether you play for tournaments or play it as fun, it’s very entertaining and relaxing. Some people like to place their dartboards in the living room so they can have fun with friends or family. But, What To Put Behind A Dartboard To Protect The Wall? The only thing that makes us all cringe; is a damaged wall or damaged stuff. As much fun as darting is, it also becomes a threat to the beauty of your walls or the safety of the things in your room. You can miss a shot and that’s pretty normal, but when it lands on your wall instead of the board it leaves scratches. Chipped paint due to one single shot can ruin the entire outlook of your beloved room. Or in other situations, it can damage the things close to the dartboard including your appliances, socket, or name it, anything.


What To Put Behind A Dartboard To Protect The Wall:

So here are some of our tested and approved methods that can save the wall and stuff around the board. So even if you have a rave and a bunch of friends playing at your dartboard, It will not damage your place.    

Dartboard Cabinet 

Dartboard cabinets are the most productive way to keep your surroundings safe and your game lively. The board becomes a multi-functional instrument that protects the dart from regular dust, keeps the darts at one place, you can mark the scores on the board and it saves you from the hustle of using separate result boards, notebooks and most importantly, it keeps the wall safe from possible damage. The size of your dartboard cabinet can vary as per the size of your board. You can either purchase a high-end product or prepare a dartboard cabinet by DIY. However, The dartboard cabinet is only for limited space. It cannot protect the entire wall if the aim goes way off.  

Dartboard Surround

A dartboard surround is an outer protective layer of plastic or wood that keeps the wall safe from swaying shots. The surrounding usually covers about 4 to 6 inches or more around the dartboard. Precisely those who are mature with the game and seldom miss any shot can rely on circular surroundings. However, if you are learning or probably the one playing with you is a noob, we recommend a rectangular or square surrounding that is relatively larger and covers a broader area around the board. “Viper Defender Backboard Surround Protector” is a reliable name when it comes to offering desired sizes and materials of dartboard surroundings. The 28×25 inches Viper Defender II can provide larger coverage. For a decent circular surrounding, Winmau Dartboard Surrounds is a trusted name. A foam surrounding of 1” thickness is considered ideal for protection and standing the impact of the dart. 

DIY Protection gears.

Some of you might want to consider options that are relatively cheaper. Here are some “do it yourself” ways of preparing a dartboard cover that will not cost too much to your pocket and will also serve the purpose of keeping your walls beautiful.   

Wine Barrel Dartboard Cabinet

This is a saucy and most classy dartboard you can create by a wine barrel. Either cut it vertically or horizontally and place the dartboard in the middle of the barrel case. You can get as creative as you want or build a basic wine barrel dartboard cabinet to save the wall from damage. You can draw some very classy designs or do some basic furnishing and place it on the wall. It gives a bar-type feel and looks very elegant. Besides, your entire purpose is to keep the walls clean and beautiful. 

Styrofoam Dartboard Surrounding

Spending about $80 on a dartboard is not a bad option as long as you appreciate the commercial products. But if you want to get a little creative or save some money, Styrofoam is a very reasonable option. There are some best things about styrofoam that make it our second-best option. It’s easily accessible so you don’t need to roam around in markets a lot. Also, it’s easy to shape, design, and replace. It’s cheap and easy to manage. 

Cardboard Dartboard Surrounding

Cardboard is easily available, you can take it to a saw shop and have it designed either way you want. It’s cheap, easy to install or remove, and a well-designed cardboard dartboard surrounding will maintain the elegance and match the ambiance of the room. Since cardboard is hard compared to any other suggested material, the darks might bounce a little or fall off the wall, or stick to the board in case of a poor aim. In either case, the impact will stay on the board. Just make sure there is nothing delicate beneath the dartboard or around it. 

Insulation Dartboard Surrounding

This can be your favorite weapon against missed shots or not. It totally depends upon how you install the insulation. You can cover the entire wall and do some decorations, or you can size the board, design an insulation wrap and place the dartboard on it. It is not a solution for everyone but if you are crafty with such material, you can use it to protect the wall while maintaining the ambiance of the room. Using some decorations at the corners of insulation can add a little spice to the design and make it look very decent.  

Wooden Dartboard Surrounding

You can be as classy and creative with wood as you want. Starting from carving to painting to polishing, you can use the wood to create the most scenic Wooden dartboard surrounding. Besides, woodwork in itself is considered very sophisticated and graceful. Instead of looking like a hack, it rather displays your taste and talent. And it can be your permanent solution as wood is a hard-core problem solver. If your dartboard is in some cafe or a place where visits and games are frequent, wood can be your most reasonable material that will protect the wall and look stylish. 

Cork Flooring or Cork Bulletin Board

If a wine barrel can serve the cause, so can cork. You can use a cork sheet or cork bulletin board as a surrounding. Here is a rather cool idea. You can collect wine corks and glue them together to form a surrounding. Just make sure that its corks are not glued at a distance so the dark might pass through it. You can create a honeycomb design or something rather elegant. It might not work for a larger board but for a small board and lesser space, it can be a very attractive hack. You can also use the cork bulletin board to design something decorous. 

Towel hanging

No, it’s not lame. In fact, we found this hack super useful. If the darks miss a lot and fall off the board, Hang any old towel about an inch or two away from the wall. It will definitely deflect the falling darts and will keep the wall safe from scratches. This hack is not for permanent use and once the game is over, wrap it and place it somewhere you can use it again. You can use a hanger and place it right under the dartboard to hang the towel. Do it elegantly and it won’t even look like a hanger. 

Indoor games are fun. Precisely when the work-life dynamics are shifting more abruptly, indoor activities keep your mind fresh and active. A little bit of coverage can keep the fun going without incurring any damage to your precious property. 


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