Win.Max Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Review

Being an enthusiast dart player, you were searching for the best item in electronic dartboards under a budget. Plus, you’re thrilled that the one dartboard would fulfill the gaming requirement with some outstanding LED features. Don’t look anywhere else! We’re serving WIN.MAX Electronic dartboard review today. The WIN.MAX’s performance and features prove itself the best item in a nutshell. You will enjoy its sound system and various playing games that will never let you gt bored.


Win.Max Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard:

The brand WIN.MAX was created by Welon in 2008. They are providing quality equipment in sports, especially dartboards. The Win.Max Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard is a perfect solution for standard dart players under a budget. You would see the bristle and simple dartboards in this price range. They are out of these features like LEDs, additional accessories, a clear sound system, and durability.

Although this dartboard is for those professional players who want to improve their basic skills. While the cricket pro series is for high-end darting in electronics. But this board is also a quality enhancer. So let’s discuss its key points below.

Key Features of Win.Max Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard:

  • Win.Max Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard has one bright LED for automatic score counting with clear audio sound. You only need to focus on the game.
  • You can play 21 various games with 65 variations and you will not get bored.
  • The board contains multiple individuals including 2, 4, 6, and 8. That means you can make 2 teams of listed individuals. The maximum number of players in a team will be 4 and the sum of both teams will be 8 players.
  • You’re thinking about the accessories that you need to purchase? Of course not you will get 6 soft tip darts including extra 40 tips with an AC adapter. All you’re grabbing these accessories under a budget.
  • Protection of the wall is essential when you hang the dartboard. It provides wide catch rings which help to protect your wall when you miss out on the shots.
  • Never think that an ultra-thin construction reduces the lifespan of the board. While an ultra-thin dartboard is more enhanced in scoring. The ultra-thin spider of the WIN.MAX helps you to achieve a higher score.
  • In the end, you will get the match preview automatically announced by the sound system

This Win.Max Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard can be assembled anywhere with ease. You can hang it anywhere in your home because it can be operated through an AC cord and battery. The catch ring is also reliable so you don’t need to worry about damaging the wall. The LED display makes it a more convenient dartboard for the players. Besides, the dartboard is an extreme choice for those who are limited in their budget. Buy this dartboard under your budget you’d never regret it.

Still, if you’re doubtful we’re providing detailed features and reviews below

The Dimension:

Playing part-time is your hobby and if you want a dartboard that fulfills your part-time with fun and joy then this dartboard is made for you. The dimension of the electronic dartboard is perfect for home use as well as for tournaments. The outer diameter of the board is 16.5” inches. While the inner diameter is 13.8” inches. You’re thinking that you won’t get the larger surface for shooting? No! Although the dartboard is compact it doesn’t mean you will get less area.  Such dimensions can also be played by kids. So you don’t need to buy another one for your kids.

Moreover, the full dimension of the Win.Max Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard is 20” x 17” x 1” suitable for hanging on the wall. The protection of the wall is essential when you decorate your new home. The catch rings will protect your wall. While the weight of the dartboard is only 3.4lbs. Do you think that the weight of the dartboard will damage your wall with some extra protection? Exactly no! So this is a great choice for you.


Under a budget products never provide accessories with the products. But here you will get plenty of accessories including 6 soft tip darts with 40 extra tips over time. Now the question is do you need a battery adapter for operating the LED? Really Not! You will get an AC adapter with a package that you can carry everywhere. The inclusion of mounting hardware and 24 flights make it a more significant item. Moreover, you will also get a flight protector for darts, a game manual for playing different games, and twenty 0 rubber rings.


The dartboard is ultra-thin and the spider is also compact that reducing the bounce-outs. Even if you miss any shot the catch rings to protect your wall from damage. Aesthetically, the dartboard has a wide LED that counts the score automatically. You can play with 2 teams; each team could contain 4 players. The audio sound of the score is also clear and provides your game goosebumps.

Quality of the accessories

We already mentioned above that this board is budget-friendly which doesn’t mean the manufacturers have compromised on the equipment’s quality. The dartboard as well as the provided darts are extremely durable. Also, the darts have well-gripped barrels. Beautifully crafted barrels allow the player to hold a dart in a simple and easiest way to shoot with any of the finger placement.

Various Games

Besides all the fabulous features, you can play various games on this dartboard including 21 exciting games with loads of 65 variations. That’s really a versatile feature for enjoying more. Best of all, you don’t need to do a match preview at the end of the game. The automated LED display will do a great job itself.

  • Increased scoring area “14%”
  • Fewer bounce-outs observed
  • Improved deflection feature
  • Best for beginners and intermediate skill level players but not recommended for professionals


Overall, the dartboard is worth the price. Our friends are definitely suggesting that you buy this one piece if you’re out of budget but still want to play professional games. From sound quality to equipment the board is really great containing all the premium features of a high-end board. So grab it and enjoy it with friends and kids.

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