Winmau Blade 5 Dartboard Review

Dart is a unique and interesting game no matter how old you’re. From beginner to professional, the dart game is quite a mood swing game. For those who want to spend their time with their friends and family, darts are a perfect choice. But the requirement is you must have a high-quality dartboard that fulfills your needs and definitely would improve your darting skills.


Winmau Blade 5 Dartboard:

At that time, you need a durable dartboard and a set of lightweight darts. In fact, you need a dartboard that fulfills the needs of a beginner to a professional. So, today we have served the review of the Winmau Blade 5 bristle dartboard. Every day darting fans are increasing and they are picking their hobby of darting. But, it is essential to know the quality of the dartboard before picking the right one. We have a circle of friends who are experienced in playing darts.

Before listing products we have spent some time on their quality, longevity, scoring, and many other factors so our users would have the best experience with their game. The Winmau Blade 5 dartboard is also suggested by our experienced friends who used this dartboard in their daily routine.

So not doing further delay, we are going to review today’s product Winmau blade 5 bristle dartboard.

  • Available in many vibrant colors
  • Top class durability
  • Very low dart deflection
  • Rust-free wiring system
  • Bullseye can’t hold darts for long

Features of Winmau blade 5 bristle Dartboard:

Coming to its key features the dartboard is equipped with qualities below:

  • First of all, this dartboard is certified by the British darts Organization and is a top-selling product.
  • A gorgeous look with vibrant colors with the combination of black and white on core, red and green finishing on rings and bullseye.
  • Your bounce would never be missed because it has a more enhanced area than their previous generation of the Winmau 4. The razor wire angle is more compressed with having 30% reduction in dart deflection. It improves scoring for beginners.
  • The durability of the material is robust. The dartboard’s core is made with sisal fiber that offers extreme durability for a long time. Moreover, It also has a tensile strength to provide a tremendous hard surface area.
  • The bullseye and wiring are made with rust-free galvanized wiring. With the addition of carbon diffusion technology that offers decent scoring.
  • The 3 adjustable locks offer an excellent lock system on different adjustable points adding stability on any surface.

No doubt Winmau 5 dartboard is equipped with many premium features that make it unique to set the bar. If you haven’t ever used Winmau products before, let us add that Winmau is a company that has been serving its game equipment since the 1940s. Now you can predict their level of trust and quality.

They are consistently improving their products. Whenever they release a new generation of their dartboards, each and every aspect they improve in their dartboards. Some users used Winmau 4 dartboard, no doubt that was also a fantastic product. But from time to time, we need to upgrade our skills in darting with upgraded products that offer extensive scoring systems, a significant reduction in dart deflection, and immersive stability with durability at any position. Winmau Blade 5 is also one of them which you should choose to improve your skills.

Let’s jump into its detailed features:


Dartboards are constructed with different types of materials including wood, plastic fiber, and other kinds of materials. But the most durable material is sisal fiber which is now a popular material used in dartboards. Sisal fiber is versatile in nature. Dartboards that are made with sisal fiber are the most durable and rot-resistant. They don’t get dirty easily because of sisal fiber.

Moreover, It prevents corrosion that is caused by humidity. The stretchy nature of sisal fiber makes the dartboard durable and strengthful. Although many of the dartboards are made with plastic and cork. But the Winmau blade 5 has high-quality material.

In addition, the wiring system is made with galvanized steel that is also reliable and is made with fineness. Along with that, manufacturers added a plus point here, they also used carbon diffusion technology in the bullseye to make it stronger.

More Surface Area

Wiring and the surface play area are the most important in dart accuracy. This dartboard contains a 14% thinner wiring system than other kinds of dartboards. No player would want to bounce out of the surface. Especially when newbies want to improve their aiming skills. The use of thinner wire makes this dartboard an easy choice for beginners because you will get an increased play area. 

The board has 9mm2 wires in the doubles making the doubles more compressed and 6mm2 in the triple scoring system. Now you can guess the increased area of the surface. Definitely, you will enjoy its scoring system.

Along with that, the radial wires have got a 10% reduction and the wires around the edge are 20% thinner. All those fantastic features you’re getting at a reasonable price.

Wait, It is not over here yet! Another technical feature is its 30% reduction in wire angle to improve your game.That means when you throw a dart towards the board there will be maximum chances of goal. The dart won’t be throughout the air. Isn’t it interesting?

Vibrant Colors

The dartboard’s core is made with a decent combination of black and white and the bullseye including doubles and triples has a spicy combination of red and green.

Tensile strength

The tensile strength is also good enough then their previous generation blade 4. The tensile strength is 20% increased thus improving the shooting performance. Whenever a newbie throws a dart there may be chances the dart is hit on wires. The 60% razor wire will help the dart to deflect in the scoring area.


No doubt the dart game is a quick setup, you just need to hang up the dartboard and start shooting. The quality you will experience in the great dartboards is their level system. The Winmau 5 dartboard has the latest technology “Rota Lock System”. Your dartboard won’t move anywhere from its position. You can customize its position through a triple wheel lock that is located to its edges. 

No matter what type of surface you have. The dartboard withstands any surface providing excellent stability and enabling you to rotate the dartboard. Once you place the board at your desired place through its rota lock system, the dartboard won’t move anywhere.


What’s the difference between blade 5 and blade 5 dual-core?

They are very similar but the main difference is in their score board. Dual-core only has a dual layer of sisal fiber on the surface of the board.

Is winmau a good dartboard?

Yes, of course, it is best for all skill-level players. If you’re a casual player or want to become a player at the pro level this board will help you to polish your skills.

Wrapping up

We hope that you liked our details on the Winmau Blade 5 dartboard review. There are plenty of dartboards out there to improve skills but this one is a budget model also. Some dartboards are quite expensive but why spend much on other expensive products if a game-changer pack is available for beginners to suffice their needs.

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